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It's been 17 years since the Fae and Elves took N'hrive back from the Trolls, leaving both realms thriving in Balance--but all things never last. Now, with the Trolls and other harbingers of Chaos under control there is a new restlessness stirring within the Forest. Darkness whispers in the ears of the Oppressed, injustices viciously brought to light, and old mistakes coming to call. No one is safe. From the castles to the gutters, from the winged fae to the wingless outcasts, Evil is rearing its head and looking to make War and cause Upheaval. But in Balance, where there is Anarchy there is always a chance for Order. It is up to the new and old generations to come together and resolve injustices, make Peace, bring prosperity, and let equality thrive. But can it be done before the darkness takes the hearts of too many and blood starts to paint the streets? Outcast or Priviledged, Winged or Wingless, where do you stand?

There will be a masked  masquerade ball that will be held July 26th - August 1st (To give everyone in different time zones a chance to RP) to celebrate the Blue Moon. Mask and Ball Gowns are to post in Signatures but profiles or names do not need to be changed. Be there or be square ;) 


Try to have all plots wrapped up by August 3rd.


Welcome to Malver Forest

Home to Faes & Elves!


Types Of Faes & Elves

  • Fairies - Girls
  • Pixies - Boys

The Elves to our South have been run out of their home of Tenebris Aurora, it was destroyed by the Humans. Due to this we have accepted them into our home. They need the same living surroundings

Know that the Elves have been welcomed here by the King and Queen, there or we would like all to refrain from disagreeing with the Elves in form of fights. They are a necessary part of keeping the Balance we must help them to survive.

The Elves Home- Their home was attacked by humans. They attempted to fight them off but the humans technology was too much for them. The royal families of the Elves survived by the royal children, however  King Bellrauthien Throrontor Vine, Queen Laerwen Anariel Vine, Duke Veryan Locien Rasp, and Duchess Moreadhiel Vanesse Rasp all perished.

  • Vine Family -  This is first royal elf family. Its is ruled by Princess Anira Vine (Eldest Daughter/Eldest Child) who is  queen and yet to be married. There is Arthion Vine (Eldest Son/2nd Eldest Child), Aearion Vine (Middle Son/Middle Child), and Aireden Vine (Youngest Son/Youngest Child). 

  • Rasp Family - This is the second royal elf family. Their Duke is Durion Rasp (Eldest Son) who has taken on the role of his parents and is yet to be married as well. There is also Vanesse Rasp (Eldest Daughter) and Bellethiel Rasp (Youngest Daughter). 

  • Water/Ice - These faes/elves live near the streams that flow from the mountains. They control the oceans, rivers, lakes, and streams of the earth. They control all and everything that deal with water. Water faes/elves are graceful and have soft voices. They are shy and quiet. Water faes/elves often think ahead and love plans. 

  • Fire/Lightning - These faes/elves live near lava, fire pits, or the volcanoes that surround Malver. The are able to control the volcanoes of the world as well as the fire. Fire faes/elves have major tempers and loving be spontaneous. They often enjoy being with their own kind since all the other elements seem to cancel out their element. Except Earth, they just seem to put them on edge.  

  • Earth/Metal - These faes/elves live near nature and mother earth. They control the trees, plants, and just mother earth all over. They control anything to do with mother nature. They are the faes/elves that are most well rounded. Earth fairies/pixies can fit anywhere and be fine. Just well-rounded and almost perfect. 

  • Air/Sound - Air faes/elves live in the clouds (yes clouds). They are the only fairies/pixies who have the powers and body to make and live in homes in the clouds. The control the winds, clouds, and weather of earth. They have control over an type of air on earth. Air fairies/pixies are extermly graceful (more then the water faes/elves) and love move. They are fast and active as well. Air fairies/pixies often keep to themselves thinking they are better and are more vain than any other faes/elves. 

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